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Monday, August 29, 2011


This was written by my late husband Joe Geertz .. It was written in 2010 and he passed away February 1, 2013.    He was a good man who made me smile and so celebrated my Irish Heritage, and made my St. Patrick's Day each year so special.    I am grateful for all he was in my life and thank God for his life.   I just know he is winking at me from heaven!!

This was written to me by my husband March/2010 .. he is such a cutie don't you think??  The story of Saint Patrick is quite interesting.

May the next few moments of your life be filled with the lore of St. Patrick's Day as you view this awesome website.

Saint Patrick was truly a disciple of our Lord filled with the fire of God to be passed down through the generations and to reach the uttermost parts of the earth. You my dear one have that heritage within you and I am so glad we are married. Who would have ever thought a German man would marry an Irish Lassie? Anyhow I am glad for your heritage and count it as a blessing to be one with you in our search for what God wants to do through us.

I see vision in your eyes and it comes from the Irish heritage that you grew up to love.

You are the sweetest Lassie I have ever known!

I sure do love you!

Joey the Leprechaun

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